Will you invest in our new outlet? Earn 50% ROI

Investment Update Yoghurtvest

Opportunity is now opened for you to co-own our imminent Habib yoghurt outlet. It has a car wash spot and mini lounge. From our research, this new location will generate more profit than most of our existing locations.

You may invest with assets or cash (any is good for us). 

How to secure your investment:

1. The outlet will be completely insured by Allianz Insurance.
2. We shall give you a post-dated cheque of your investment capital and interest (you must invest a minimum of N2M to get a post dated cheque)
3. A legal business agreement will be signed
4. You will receive a certificate indicating that you are a co-owner of the outlet.

With just N50K, you can invest to co-own this outlet. Make it happen and be a proud co-owner.

Additionally, you can send a representative or come by yourself to visit the site. We hope to open the outlet by early May, 2021. Let’s make profit together… this is the best and most transparent partnership deal you can ever get. Earn 50% ROI in 6 months!

Talk to us: 09012712732 or register here: https://www.yoghurtvest.com

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