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Investment Update Yoghurtvest

We hope you enjoyed the holidays; it was a very busy period for us in all our outlets and the Sunday sale was exceptional… we cashed in big time. Thanks to all our customers and investors.  

We are pleased to announce to you that our BLOG is now live. You can now read news updates about Yoghurtvest on this blog. The link to this blog is available on our homepage as well as the investor’s dashboard. 

In our next post we shall share 3D images of a new outlet we are working on. It is a car wash and we are building a yoghurt outlet beside it. Since we will be using steel containers to build the yoghurt outlet, we decided to name the car wash – CARGO car wash (you have a better name for us? Please reach out). We will also deploy a delivery bike to the outlet so that we can effectively serve the community.  

Do you know that our Ologuneru outlet is the most beautiful Habib Yoghurt outlet in the Southwest? We hope the new one surpasses it in sales and beauty.  

We also want to use this medium to appreciate our sub-distributors, please keep your orders coming… you’ve all been awesome.  

On a final note, if you are still contemplating whether to invest with Yoghurtvest, you may consider the following reasons:
1.  We open new outlets with your funds and employ more youths.
2.  We make good profit and share with you monthly/ bi-annually.
3.  We’ve been consistent and won’t default in paying your ROI.
4.  To mitigate risk, our business is insured by Allianz Insurance.

Be a co-owner. Keep your money with us and earn.  Sign up here: www.yoghurtvest.com

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