Watch out for these factors before you invest.

General Investment Update

The week is starting with a cold atmosphere here and we hope you are enjoying the weather at your end too. Please bear in mind that the rains are here and you need to take necessary precautions to keep yourself, your family, and your properties safe.

We are glad to inform you that work is really speeding up at our new outlet and we are inviting you to invest and earn with us if you have not done so. Some may be skeptical about investment because of their past experience with some unreliable investment firms, but that should not stop you from increasing your income with legitimate companies like ours.

Few things to watch out for before you invest:

1. Is the company registered with CAC?
2. Does the company have a physical outlet/office?
3. Is the company insured?
4. Are their officials willing to meet you in person?
5. Do they have products they invest in?
6. Do they allow comments on their social media pages? (some disable comments so that aggrieved investors won’t be able to express their grievances) 

If the answer to the questions above is in the affirmative, then you may consider partnering. At Yoghurvest, the answer to the above questions is YES and we even give you a certificate of co-ownership. 

Making a good income requires fast decisions and timing. Come on board now and enjoy all benefits. 

Please feel free to talk to us: 09012712732 or finish your registration here: You can also continue to read some other educative posts on our blog.

We wish you a prosperous week ahead. 

Yoghurtvest team

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