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Investment Update Yoghurtvest

To All Active and Prospective Partners,

Today, we shall be focusing on some features on investors’ dashboard. We received some questions about these features and we deem it fit to answer the questions by publishing this post.

Have you noticed that once you sign up on our portal ( you have access to a dashboard before you invest? We designed it this way so that active and prospective investors can see updates about Yoghurtvest. The only difference is that an active investor has an investment running and benefits from our bonuses and ROI but a prospective investor only sees updates. 

Now let’s go back to explain some features on the dashboard:

Refer & Earn

When you click on this, it opens a fresh page where you can copy your referral link and share with prospects. The next box shows the list of people who have signed up with your referral link and how much you’ve made from each signee. We currently pay a referral commission of 5% but we always advise that you know us well before you tell others about us.

Claims & Earnings

This is where you see what you’ve earned from bonuses and referral commissions. The bonuses are usually more like our compensation to investors when we exceed projected sales or when we open new outlets. It is never a fixed amount, it is always decided by our financial analysts and accountants. We just gave out a 2% bonus to all existing investors on the 4th of June, 2021 as a way to celebrate a new outlet opened on the 6th of June 2021 and that was the 2nd bonus this year.

Our Blog

When you click on ‘Our Blog” it opens a new tab on your device where you can read articles on health, safety, investment etc. Most importantly, you get to see more updates about Yoghurtvest from the blog. There are some updates that we may not be able to send via email, but you get them firsthand from the blog. Please endeavour to visit ‘Our Blog” at least once a week. 


Here is where you see various activities on Yoghurtvest. We usually delete some old pictures that may no longer be relevant to give space for new pictures. 

Thank you for reading thus far, we hope you will enjoy using these features on your dashboard. You may also suggest some features you think we can add. We have a capable IT team. But as an active investor, if you wish to design a website or Android App for your business, our IT team can do it for you at a discounted rate. Reach out to us and let us take our business relationship to another level. 

On a final note, please be conscious of strange activities in your environment/community and keep yourself safe. 

Kind regards,


NB: Our business model is simple! We basically crowdfund to open new outlets. You invest and become a certified co-owner. We manage the outlets for you and in 6 months, you take 50%ROI  from the profit while we take the rest. Secured and Insured! Visit 

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