Savings or Investment?


You probably heard the saying: “You cannot save your way to wealth”. In as much as this saying encourages investment, I may disagree with it. Well, I think nobody became wealthy without saving. 

Take for example, after your research on Yoghurtvest, you became convinced that the company truly exists with physical outlets and human faces plus they have never defaulted in paying investors, then you decided to invest N1, 000, 000. I am sure you must have saved for some months to have the N1M in your bank account. So, if you never cultivated the habit of saving, would you be able to invest good sums when given the opportunity to invest in a legitimate company? 

But, should you invest all your savings? I would say NO, except you have other guaranteed regular source/s of income! There must always be a reserved back-up cash for exigencies or emergencies. Every investment has a level of risk. Let me share with you with an incident that happened at Yoghurtvest sometime last year. The company that produces plastic bowls for Habib Industries Limited had issues with production and that affected the quantity of yoghurt that could be packed and supplied. The issue lasted for about 3 weeks before it was resolved. Imagine it lasted for 3 months or more and our supply was reduced by 50%, it certainly would affect our profits and may affect the returns we pay monthly to investors. 

If your only source of income was from us and the scenario above played out for more than 3 months, without other sources of income or reserved cash, it may be hard for you to cope.  Although with the 3 weeks low supply, we still paid all our investors their exact dividends.  

At Yoghurtvest, to mitigate risk, our company is insured by Allianz Insurance Plc and our management team comprises financial experts, risk analysts etc. We will always paint the true picture to you because we are building a family bond with our investors. We will never overestimate our achievements nor underestimate our challenges… we will say it as it is so that you can make suggestion/s as a stakeholder and together we grow in wealth.  

Think safe investment; Think Yoghurtvest. Also remember to take a cup of Habib yoghurt today… very nutritious and builds your immunity against diseases.  

Till we meet again, 

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