Our Goal in April 2021

Investment Update Yoghurtvest

It’s been a great time here at Yoghurtvest and weekend sale was impressive. Since our last update, our focus has been on expanding our distributorship base and getting more personal with investors.

Key Results:

*    We got more distributors who now buy Habib yoghurt directly from us to resell in their various outlets.
*    Selected top officials engaged some of our current and prospective investors in phone conversation and it was awesome. 

This new month (April 2021), we’re focusing on:
i.    Getting new branded bikes for efficient home/office deliveries. 
ii.   Opening new outlets. 
iii.  Adding a BLOG feature to our website for news and updates (achieved already)

Our goal is to keep expanding to create job opportunities for our teeming youth and keep our customers & investors delighted all the time.

It may interest you to know that there is a huge market for Yoghurt business in Nigeria and when it comes to Habib, it’s a preferred choice.

We are offering you a partnership that will stand the test of time. Invest with us and earn without hassles. You can also earn 5% referral bonus when your friends invest with us through your referral link.

We keep to our words when we say: We won’t fail you.

Until next time,

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