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We only have 3 investment plans at the moment and I will do my best to explain the 3 options.

Option 1: Monthly Package
This package pays you 5% of your invested capital monthly and the minimum duration is 6 months. You get paid your capital in full after 6 months. So if you invest N200K for this package, you receive N10K monthly as your interest for 6 months and in the 6th month, you receive your N100K back.

Option 2: BI-annual Package
This package pays you 50% of your invested capital in 6 months. You receive both capital and interest in 6th Month of your investment. So if you invest N200K, you will receive N300K in the 6th month (you won’t receive anything monthly but patiently wait till the 6th month)

The two options above are under cash investment and the minimum duration is 6 months.

Option 3: Asset Investment. Duration: 12 months
In this case, you don’t invest with cash but with assets. You may buy a specified Deep Freezer and invest it with us as Asset. For example, if the deep freezer costs N400K, then we treat that as your investment value and pay you 4% (N16,000) of that value every month for 12 months. At the end the 12th month, we will refund your N400K and the Freezer becomes entirely ours.

You can have multiple investment. Our system is automated and you can monitor all your investments on your dashboard.

Thank you for your interest in Yoghurtvest. It’s our dream to have more yoghurt outlets across the country to create more employment opportunities.

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Ibukun Ojo

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