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Investment Update Yoghurtvest

We are always excited to update you on various features on http://www.yoghurtvest.com! And today we want to put you through how to raise investment capital through referrals.

Have you noticed that you have a referral link on your Yoghurtvest dashboard? Sign up here to see: www.yoghurtvest.com. You can copy your referral link and share with friends, colleagues, and family via email or social media. 

What happens when you share your referral link?
Simply put… You get a 5% commission on invested capital! So, if a friend you share your referral link with invests N1M, you receive an instant N50K in your referral wallet and you can get it transferred to your bank account within 24 hours.

Let me share a short success story with you:
Deborah, a student of Obafemi Awolowo University during the last December festive period, visited one of our Habib Yoghurt outlets and showed interest to invest in Yoghurtvest but she had N20K. Since our minimum investment is N50k, she felt so bad she could not invest with us and pleaded that we accept her N20K because she didn’t want to spend it on frivolities. We almost reviewed our policy because of her but, we decided to encourage her to use her referral link and share our investment plans with her contacts.

The first active referral she got invested N350K, she didn’t relent and by early February, Deborah already had an investment of N200K with Yoghurtvest. She got her investment capital through the commission received on referrals. She was so excited to receive a 3% bonus (an extra incentive we give to active investors intermittently) in March 2021. Now she is a proud co-owner of one of our Habib Yoghurt outlets and will be earning 50% ROI bi-annually. 

You too can use your referral link to raise or increase your investment capital. You can as well cash it out to meet up with some daily needs.

That is all for now. We encourage you to embrace Yoghurtvest and start earning. Sign up here: http://www.yoghurtvest.com

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