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Do you know that at Yoghurtvest, we open new Habib Yoghurt outlets with your funds and share our profit with you? For example, a big cup of Habib cost N500 from the factory and we sell at N700 (that’s a 40% profit). For those who want to mix with milk, a tin of milk cost N145 and we sell at N300 (that’s over 100% profit). So, paying you 50% RIO in 6 months is a fraction of our entire profit but of course, we pay the rent, we pay the staff, we fuel the generator etc. while you wait for your alert.

Understandably, there are lots of unreliable investment companies out there, but for us with various verified physical outlets, we can’t run away, rather we’ll keep opening more outlets to increase our asset as a form of collateral for your investment capital.

We’ve designed our website such that deposit and withdrawal of funds is seamless. From your dashboard, you can view the company’s activities and growth. You can also monitor your returns on investment. Oh, we almost forgot to inform you that you can tell your colleagues about Yoghurtvest and earn a token from their investment. It is however advisable that you earn and build your trust in us before you tell your friends and colleagues about us. Reasonable, right?

So what investment option are you opting for? Earn 5% monthly or you prefer to earn 50% returns in 6 months? We are very comfortable with your choice and please be assured of prompt payment.

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Sadly, inflation rate is making the economy hard but reliable investment companies like Yoghurtvest can help you beat inflation.  Bring it on… Yes! Bring your extra money to us for the extra income. You can start small but start now!

As we move towards a productive mid-month, we hope you enjoy the song that inspired this email:

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