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Yoghurtvest was created to offer you an opportunity to make your idle funds work for you to generate a steady & guaranteed stream of short-midterm income.

Yoghurtvest is an income-generating investment platform designed to help individuals make short-medium term cashflow from co-owning a Habib yoghurt outlet thereby sharing profits from such outlets.

Yoghurtvest is powered by NEILB Multinational Resources Ltd. NEILB is a major merchant of Habib Yoghurt nationwide. We are expanding our reach and customer base all around the country.

Whether it’s in customer service or our exceptional products, we owe our success to the efficiencies we create in every corner of our company and the people at each level who make that happen.

Our team of administrative professionals tackle the ins and outs of running a well- ordered business as they collaborate and support the operations of our various outlets. And that helps our network of stores run smoothly.

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