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Cash Investment


Yoghurtvest is an income-generating investment platform designed to help individuals make short-medium term cashflow from co-owning a Habib yoghurt outlet thereby sharing profits from such outlets.

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NEILB Multinational Resources Limited


NEILB Multinational Resources Limited is inviting private funding for investment to help expand our yoghurt business. Our strategy allows for safe and secure investment opportunity offering a market beating guaranteed return on investment.

NEILB is a major dealer of Habib Yoghurt nationwide. We are enlarging our reach and customer base all around the country and to achieve this, we are currently offering investment opportunities to our clients.

There are currently a number of investment products on the market such as bonds, stocks etc. which can have up to 3.05% annual return on investment. This compared to Nigeria’s inflation rate of 13.22% in August 2020 could mean that your savings & investment are actually depreciating in value year on year. By making funds available for short periods of time, NEILB can offer investors bi-annual returns of up to 50%.

We hereby express our interest to have you on board as an investment partner. Presently, we allow assets and cash investment.

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Our business model is simple! We basically crowdfund to open new yoghurt outlets. You invest and become a certified co-owner. We manage the outlets for you and in 6 months, you take 50%ROI from the profit while we take the rest. Secured and Insured!

A partner may opt for asset investment, in this case he buys some of the things needed to open a new outlet in his name and hand it over to us for use. For example, he may decide to buy a 710litre Deep Freezer (average cost: N425K). We will pay 4% of the N425k monthly and in 12 months we will refund the N425k and such freezer becomes the company’s property.

For cash investment, there are 2 options: If an investor wants to be paid interest monthly, then we pay 5% ROI to his designated bank account every month but if he wishes to receive his interest and capital after 6 months, then he gets paid 50% ROI. The minimum duration for cash investment is 6 months. We are opening more new outlets and we invite you to be a co-owner.

Habib Yoghurt is no doubt a household name in Nigeria and the demand for it increases by the day. Additionally, we make good sales not only because of our remarkable product but also our unique marketing plan and impressive awareness.

At NEILB, whether it’s in customer service or our exceptional products, we owe our success to the efficiencies we create in every corner of our company and the people at each level who make that happen.

Behind every great deal at NEILB are people working to bring it all together. Our team of administrative professionals tackle the ins and outs of running a well-ordered business as they collaborate and support the operations of our various outlets. And that helps our network of stores run smoothly.

Thank you for taking time to read our investment request. Please feel free to contact us to discuss any aspect of our investment plan. We look forward to hearing from you and discussing your investment preference.

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